Have a question or two...or five about the Lovely Paper Things process or paper goodies in general? Don't fret darling, you're not the first! See the list below for frequently asked questions several of the adorable couples I've worked with before asked, when they first started out! 


We're in love! Yay! How do we start the Lovely Paper Things Process?!

YAY!!!! So excited! I always kick off projects by having the couples fill out a little "getting to know you form." This just helps me get a clear vision of your big day & how you want to share your love story! I feel that the more I get to know a couple, the stronger the design will be, so me know the juicy details!


We can't get enough of Lovely Paper Things, & we want all sorts of paper goodies for our big day...but we have on idea where to start! Do you have a list of all the goodies you create?

Every Lovely Paper Things wedding branding system is 100% custom designed, just for you! This means you can include any perfectly branded piece to achieve the style, mood & tone you & your honey pie have been dreaming of for your big day! If you don't see exactly what you are looking for in the list below, please let me know what you have in mind! The sky's the limit...ok I can't build rocket ships, but I could sure make them look pretty! ;) Engagement Party Invitations, Save The Dates, Bridal Shower Invitations, Rehearsal Dinner Invitations, Wedding Invitations, Printed Envelopes, Blank Envelopes, Envelope Liners, Hand Lettered Envelope Addressing, Unique Enclosures, Response Cards, Hotel Cards, Travel Information Cards, Maps, Related Wedding Events Cards, Day of Goodies, Programs, Place Cards & Table, Numbers, Menus, Coasters, Wedding Party Gifts, Guest Gifts, Thank You Notes, Personalized Stationary, At Home Cards, Custom Designed Stamps, Ribbons…and so much more!


Does Lovely Paper Things make paper goodies for events other than weddings?

Weddings..heck yes! Parties...can't get enough! Baby showers...hello..babies are adorable, yes please! Lovely Paper Things loves to help you celebrate all of your big & little delights! No matter the event/party/excuse to have fun, I'd love to create totally custom, fresh, unique & happily hand-made goodies just for you! From invitations to stationery, & from guest gifts to wrapping paper...Lovely Paper Things will be delighted to create it for you!

Looking to have a brand created for your business?! YAY! I also adore businesses, small & large & would love to help you start yours on the right visual & strategic direction. I will create a lovely new visual identity for your company & as well as help you come up with with a plan to ensure your brand is cohesive from every touch point! Looking for a refreshed look, yes mam (or sir!) I do that too! Shoot me an email & I'd be delighted to send some business identity creation information your way!


How much does a custom branded wedding system cost?

Each custom branded wedding system is totally unique, so the pricing really varies depending on your vision! Remember with Lovely Paper Things you are getting a totally custom branded design experience that helps you create a cohesive look & feel through out your wedding day, in addition to gorgeous invites! The intricacy of the design, the number of pieces (like save the dates, invitations, place cards, menus, napkins...etc), the number of guests you will have, the printing methods & materials you are looking to use, all effect the price of your system. If you would like to fill out the getting to know you form, I would be delighted to create a custom estimate, just for you! With that said, to give you a reference point, a custom suite, for 100 guests, including invitations, response cards, hotel cards & envelopes, flat printed on cotton paper, starts at around $2000 & goes up from there, based on the fabulous bells & whistles you may want to add to make your custom branded system even more perfect!


Does Lovely Paper Things do hand lettering for envelopes & other goodies?

Yes!! Yay! I love hand lettering all sorts of goodies & am happy to do it on envelopes, place cards, signage, chalk boards...you name it! At this time I do not offer traditional style calligraphy, but I do offer hand lettered, hand painted/inked lettering (see an examples on the images here)! Yay! For custom envelope lettering runs between $4.50 - $6.50+ per envelope, depending on the complexity & the style of the design. Please note that for envelopes & place cards there is a minimum quantity of 50 pieces (though if you are dying to have a smaller quantity done, just let me know, & I bet we could it out ;) Have an idea for hand lettering, that you would like to get an estimate for, just send a little note my way & I'll get one whipped up for you in no time!


How long does the design process take from start to finish?

Yay!!! You've just just reached out to Lovely Paper Things & magically beautiful designs & so many giggles are about to happen! So what now? For a detailed look into the design process, hop on over to the the custom page! Expect the timeline from when you initially reach out to the best snail mail day ever, when your Lovely Paper Things arrive, to be about 2.5-3 months, depending on the complexity of the design, the materials & the printing process you select! Ugh, 2.5-3 months, I know that feels like a hot minute, but trust me it will go fast & it will be so worth every minute! Is your date quickly approaching, and that just give you a tiny baby panic attack? Don't fret darling, just reach out as soon as you can, as I do offer expedited timelines, & we can get the creative process started right away!


Lets talk about printing, shall we?

When it comes to printing, I handle it all! I have a professional grade digital printer that I use for smaller orders & can hand stamp designs from my studio as well. For all offset printing, letterpress printing, screen printing & foil stamping I work closely with a couple of wonderful printers to get the highest quality prints on the best quality materials. I do not have minimums in quantities for printing digital paper goods, though for things like letterpress & gold foil, the minimum quantity is 25, and most of the time, it is more cost effective the larger the quantity you order. 


Can I see paper samples & proofs of my Lovely Paper Things before they are approved for final printing?

Samples: Are you a nerdy paper lover like me, or just want to see the materials we are going to use before we print 300+ of them? No problem! I always provide samples of the papers & other alternative materials we might use for your custom goodies, just let me know if you'd like to see them & I'll send some your way! 

Proofs: Want to take one final look before your Lovely Paper Things go to press? Sure thing! Upon request, I am more than happy to send a printed proof/mock up your way! Please note, a additional fee may apply to cover the associated materials & printing fees. Keep in mind however, that proofs for offset printing, letterpress printing, screen printing & foil stamping are only done in the digital printing format (as the printing process for these options are more complex). Hooray for printing!! 


Have more questions! Don't worry! Just get in contact & I'll do my best to answer them! Yippie!