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Your sweetie pie's name
Share a link for super extra brownie points!
Share a link for extra brownie points!
Remember you will only need one wedding set per household. Example: Your uncle Bob & aunt Sally have a family of 10 you wish to invite. You only need one wedding set for the whole family :)
What pieces are you so excited to include in the wedding system *
Every lovely Paper Things wedding branding system is 100% custom designed, just for you! This means you can include any perfectly branded piece to achieve the style, mood & tone you & your honey pie have been dreaming of for your big day! If you don't see exactly what you are looking for in the list below, please let me know what you have in mind! The sky's the limit...ok I can't build rocket ships, but I could sure make them look pretty! ;)
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Please select the printing method(s) you would like to incorporate in your lovely Wedding System!
What date would you like to send your invitation suite to your guests by?
What date would you like to send your invitation suite to your guests by?
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Design Details
Is your perfect day a super warm, magical winter wonderland full of whimsy & giggles or is it a super elegant, formal garden party with fabulous hats, formal dresses & a classic hollywood glamour vibe..etc.
Like hand lettering, hand drawn illustrations, watercolor or gauche painting, super fun typography, using die cuts, laser engraving/cutting, nerdy inside jokes you two have, anything that serves as a symbol of your love...ect!
(Classic, eclectic, romantic, urban, vintage..etc)
Like navy & marigold or forest, neon green & neutrals, or florescent pink, black & gold, or plum, blush & olive....etc.
Please do share any links you think would be helpful!
Sounds silly, I know, but trust me this helps shape the vision of your day too!
Super Fun Stuff
How did you meet, that moment when you just knew..etc.
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Phone number
So Lovely Paper Things can be shipped your way!
This helps so much to see how you envision your big day & to see other things you like!
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