Well hello there gorgeous!
My name is Caroline Curtin McGah!
I'm the creator of Lovely Paper Things,
a boutique hooray & yay studio
located in Chicago, Illinois! 

To tell my story, I have to first take you way, way back! Growing up I always had crayons in my hands, play-dough in my pockets &/or a paintbrush swept up in my hair.  I would finger-paint masterpieces (more than a few times on the wall) for my family, & I loved how happy my art made those around me feel. After day one (no joke!) of kindergarten art class I knew I wanted be an artist & designer when I “grew up.”

Fast forward a few years. I went to college & earned my degrees in Visual Communication &  Painting, minored in Art History, & I fell even more in love with the art of paper, letters & visual story telling. I especially adored my letterpress class & as I created my husband & I's wedding invitations, I began daydreaming about starting Lovely Paper Things. After working in the interactive web design world, I quickly learned that though I love the interwebs, my heart would always be with paper & its more personal interaction & connection with people. 

I truly adore people, & getting to know their stories is a constant source of inspiration for me. So creating Lovely Paper Things was the natural next step my heart had to follow! Every day I get to use my background in graphic design & painting, while helping to celebrate love….seriously….is this real life….it’s pretty amazing! And I just adore that connection to a tangible, custom created nugget of goodness for an amazing couple or a budding business – oh be still my heart!

All photos in this section  Jen Wojcik Photography

All photos in this section Jen Wojcik Photography


Graduated from The University of Kansas with a
• Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication (Graphic Design)
• Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting
• Minor in Art History

Graduated from the AIGA + Yale School of Management, Business Perspectives for Creative Leaders Program


Custom design • Wedding, event & party branding • Visual communication / Graphic design • Invitations, announcements & other paper pretties • Watercolor • Abstract art • Oil & acrylic Painting • Illustration • Hand-lettering • Calligraphy • Package design • Environmental design • Signage • Paper styling • Strategic design • Workshops • Styled shoots & editorials • & more!

Things that make my heart happy

Sending & receiving snail mail • Reading, listening to, writing & creating stories • Working with others who inspire me • Traveling, adventuring & finding hidden gems • The funny things kids say • Exploring tide pools & rad caves • People watching, especially in airports • Baking & cooking delicious goodies & for friend gatherings • Happy mistakes • Surprising others & paying-it-forward • Old-time music (& old timers) • College football • Paris, all of it • Nerdy science stuff & silly animals • Getting lost in Monet's water lilies & Gogan's Tahitian adventures • Crunching fall leaves • Sifting through boxes of old family photographs • Watching my little forest of plants grow on my windowsill • My sweet sugar bean, frenchie pie Walter & Freddy the fiddle leaf fig tree! 

Assistant Creative Director: Walter Henry

Our assistant creative director is a wonderful fellow! He has fabulous style which he accredits to his French heritage & great taste..especially when it comes to paper...which he loves to try to eat! He reminds us that snuggles are the best & walks are a great way to clear our mind & recharge our creative juices! Yay Walt! 

Photo by  Ashley Kelemen

About Lovely Paper Things

Lovely Paper Things is a boutique hooray & yay studio, that celebrates love stories, one custom branded design experience at a time. For fun, stylish, easy going brides & grooms, party throwers & event goers, world wide, that adore & respect a totally unique custom design experience, before, during & after their wedding day.

What Matters
To Us

Creating a personal connection you can feel. We want you to have the most amazing experience. From our lively conversations, to the creative designs we make for you, we want you to see that we put our hearts into the whole process. We want you to love your final product as much as we love them. Nothing makes us more happy than to hear from clients after their wedding/event/party about how much they still love their paper goodies, or they miss working with us, or to find out they are throwing a party for their friends, or expecting a little one that they want to us to help celebrate! 

Why Do
We Do It?

Celebrating life makes our hearts happy, we love becoming friends with awesome people & we love to create pretty goodies.

What Have
We Learned?

Like each person in this big old world, every single love story is unique. It never gets old to listen & learn them. And they will always inspire us to make beautiful things.

What Do We Stand For?

Creative Authenticity

We are tangible story tellers who truly love what we do. We constantly push ourselves to create special, thoughtful designs, with a super fun twist, unique to us & our amazing clients! 

Thoughtful Kindness

We believe life is short but it should be full of goodness! So we fill it with kindness, happiness & a whole bunch of giggles! We do everything with a smile & we want to be your friend.


We adore collaborating with people who inspire us to do greater things together, & we do it seamlessly, with a positive flow!

tangible happiness

We believe there is an incredible, powerful, tangible quality to happiness. And we love putting it on paper. Making our clients smile by celebrating their happiest days, now that's the good stuff!

Meaningful Quality

We believe when you are passionate about what you do, when you put your heart into it, it elevates your product & entire experience to the highest level possible, & thats the only acceptable level for us. The best.

Inspired love  

We are inspired by goose bump tingling, heart fluttering, totally & completely unique love. Your love. Yippie, yippie!! We love learning your love story. And creating beautiful goodies. And we love paper.

Our Heroes!

Our clients are our heros...because they LOVE LOVE!

Cheers to the adorable couples.
The goofballs. The day dream believers & serendipity seekers. The cuddle bugs & love birds. The high school sweethearts. The I never thought I would find You, but somehow, some way I did’s.

Cheers to the 50 year anniversary’ers.
The always finding new adventure’ers.
The I love you ttttthhhhiiiissss much’ers.

Cheers to blissful happiness. To new adventures. To telling your family stories. To unique, marvelous stories.

 To the sweet peas & the sugar beans. To the you are my mac to my cheese’ers. to true. real. big. love.

Cheers to building your story. To giggles at silly old photographs. To the songs that take you back, way back. To the moments that make you weak in the knees & memories that make your heart flutter, with pure, incredible, blissful, happiness.

Cheers to the best day ever. And the next one after that, that's even sweeter. 

Cheers to the little things that make us smile &  random acts of kindness.  

Cheers to our grandparents who taught us what true, lasting love is, to our parents who show us how to love, & our honey pies that let us love them & love us just the way we are, no matter what.

Our heroes are those dreamers
who dare to fall in love.
Totally. Completely.
Happily ever after.

Pencil photo by Ashley Kelemen
brush & journal photos by Jen Wojcik photography