Header & above photo by  Ashley Kelemen

Header & above photo by Ashley Kelemen

Perfectly Unique


Your wedding is the celebration of your own unique love story, let us make it visually gorgeous for you! We know from experience how much of your heart & soul goes into every little detail of first day of your married life & we want to help you celebrate your love in the most cohesive, creative, fabulously fun & special ways possible!

We delight in helping each couple we work with share & celebrate their love by creating custom wedding branding experiences, making Lovely Paper Things you will hold close to your hearts, always helping create giggles & a whole bunch of happy dances! We would love to design a fresh, unique & thoughtful custom branded wedding system, day of goodies, oodles of awesome party paper delights & special stationary to help you cheers to your newest adventure in love!


Custom Branding
& The Lovely Process


You may be asking yourself, "Hmmm...I've heard of branding before, but I thought it was just for businesses?" We're here to say no way! Super speedy version: it's not just the paper, it's the experience.  Slightly longer version: wedding branding is more than lovely invitations; it's a complete design experience! We take the time to get to know you, & learn your love story! And together, through fun chats, icecream/skype dates, we begin to build your brand. We will create a unique, cohesive identity, through the use of mood boards, sketches & designs which will visually share your love story.

This identity, or brand, will be the concept that ties all the little details together to create a complete experience that you & your loved one will always hold close to your hearts. It will be present from your guests' first glimpse of your save the dates & invitations & throughout the look & feel of your big day. It will be the creation of your and your love's personal branded identity, which you can cherish as your love grows happily ever after!


Browse our work
& Get in touch

Cruise some of the lovely goodies we've created, take notes about the suites that you enjoy, start gathering inspiration & shoot us a message to get the ball rolling!



Getting to know you
& Consultation

Filling out our getting to know you form provides the perfect opportunity for us to begin to envision your wedding & form thoughtful questions to make the most of our consultation!


estimate, contract
& payment

After our consultation we will create a custom estimate with a few fun options for you to choose from! Then, a signed contract & your first payment are due before to start the fun! 


Design concepts,
Mood Boards & Sketches

We'll chat with you more, brainstorm, conduct design research based on your vision & we'll come up with unique & custom concepts displayed as mood boards then sketches!


design creation
& Design approval

We take it from here & turn those pencil sketches into magical delights! You review your goodies, we make any changes & then you give us the thumbs up that the suite is approved & ready to print!


Printing, Assembling
& shipping

With your official thumbs up we will send all of the creations to our awesome printer friends who use the finest quality inks, foils & papers to bring your suite to life! We wrap everything up & ship it off to you!



Enjoy your goodies
& delight your guests

Get excited! This is the best part! Now comes the very best part, the greatest mail day ever! Your guests will open their mail boxes & will immediately be counting down the days until its time to celebrate! 


Celebrate, giggle
& Have an epic evenT!

You dance the night away at your event & we do a happy dance because we know that together we told your story perfectly & nothing makes our hearts happier! Yay! Then repeat steps 1-8 for your next event! 

Proving the method

During an initial meeting our client Trisha mentioned in passing that her then fiancé, Richard, had his pilots license & they were going flying that weekend. We thought this was super fun so we kept a note of this awesome hobby on our potential imagery list. We continued getting to know the couple, learning their fun style & the whimsical tone they wanted to set for their special day. Then when it came time to concept design visions, we surprised them & found a way to tie it into their suite - they were thrilled & so were we!

Are we a good match?

Wondering if we would be a good match? If you are an amazing couple looking for the perfect wedding branding system that will make you say YAY, here's how you'll know if we go together like paper & pencils. If you are lovers of hand crafted, whimsical, cheerful, original, inspiring design. If you value uniqueness & attention to detail. If you hold a special place in your heart for hand-lettering & paper goodies & you love creating happiness...this could be a super fabulous match! If you care deeply about making this day all about your unique love for each other & those who have helped you along your path to each other..then YES please! It's a match made in paper heaven! 

Contact us here with your ideas, concepts, dreams, & doodles on napkins so we can talk about the design process & create some Lovely Paper Things that will make your heart happy! Hooray & YAY!  

Not in the windy city? Don't fret darling, I design for couples all around the world. Thank goodness for the inter-webs, Skype, phones & the pony express!