Gimme the good stuff!

YAY!! I can't even wait to get started on creating the perfect suite for you two cutie pies! Let's dive a little deeper into your relationship & your personalities & see what we learn--you never know what can trigger an amazing idea or translate beautifully to paper to tell your love story! 

IMPORTANT! We want your wedding to be the perfect balance of both of you so please answer all questions like:

Don't worry you don't have to get gush or super deep (unless you want to share, then you know I want to know!) Just tell me what you are excited about for your future, or where you see your self going & changing & growing down the road :)
What do you surround yourself with to feel at home in your home? What do you do there that makes it home? How do you feel at home? Describe your home.
I am totally a ____ lover
Either one you love all the time, or the best dinner you've had in your life that you still dream about!
This can be an Artist, Designer, Architect, Poet, Author, Scientist, Athlete, family member....ect--anyone that inspires you!