Our Heroes!

Our clients are our heros...because they LOVE LOVE!

Cheers to the adorable couples.
The goofballs. The day dream believers & serendipity seekers. The cuddle bugs & love birds. The high school sweethearts. The I never thought I would find You, but somehow, some way I did’s.

Cheers to the 50 year anniversary’ers.
The always finding new adventure’ers.
The I love you ttttthhhhiiiissss much’ers.

Cheers to blissful happiness. To new adventures. To telling your family stories. To unique, marvelous stories.

 To the sweet peas & the sugar beans. To the you are my mac to my cheese’ers. to true. real. big. love.

Cheers to building your story. To giggles at silly old photographs. To the songs that take you back, way back. To the moments that make you weak in the knees & memories that make your heart flutter, with pure, incredible, blissful, happiness.

Cheers to the best day ever. And the next one after that, that's even sweeter. 

Cheers to the little things that make us smile &  random acts of kindness.  

Cheers to our grandparents who taught us what true, lasting love is, to our parents who show us how to love, & our honey pies that let us love them & love us just the way we are, no matter what.

Our heroes are those dreamers
who dare to fall in love.
Totally. Completely.
Happily ever after.

Pencil photo by Ashley Kelemen
brush & journal photos by Jen Wojcik photography