Lovely Paper Things Blog Launch


Oh My goodness! Its Here!

Welcome to the Lovely Paper Things Blog, a happy little blog devoted to delighting the sweet darlings (and kind sirs) that share our love of paper! [Insert frolicking with joy, confetti poppers, and lots of giddy squeals!]

If you have been dreaming of the most whimsical, perfect, happily hand made, Lovely Paper Things for your magical day, this cute little blog and its big momma website are here to make your day! Soon this fun little blog will be full of up-to-date, exciting custom paper projects, helpful DIY tips and marvelous inspiration, but first let's talk about Lovely Paper Things! We are a magical little boutique Hooray + Yay studio, located in Orange County, California. We are a design studio + paperie that loves creating all sorts of paper goodies for life's little and big delights! And who are "we" exactly..well its a "me" actually! I'm Caroline Curtin McGah, the graphic designer + illustrator + artist + hand letterer behind Lovely Paper Things, and creating anything pretty + paper, with vintage techniques and modern twists makes my heart happy!

Juicy details about Caroline: 

Background: I graduated from the University of Kansas with a degree in Visual Communication, with a concentration in Graphic Design, to suit my super organized, detail oriented, geeky designer side, and also received a degree in Fine Arts, with an emphasis in Painting, to please my love of all things hand made. I'm also firm believer of learning from the incredible creative talents that have danced around the design + art worlds, so I also received a minor in Art History! Lets be honest, if I had had more time to be a student, I would have probably studied at least 5 more majors, but alas the real world was calling me and my talents to get to work! 

After college, I worked in the savvy interactive web design world, and the wonderful world of wine, in Seattle, but quickly realized my true professional love was paper, and my heart wouldn't be happy until I could do all things paper, all the time! 

In 2010, I married the sweetest, bearded, love of my life, (my high school sweet heart, might I add). We had the most perfect, magical day and as our love has grown we have had so many more since then. I loved designing and planning my husband and I’s 1920's vintage inspired meets modern chic, letterpress printed, wedding system so much, that after our big day couples started coming to me asking if I could create custom wedding branding systems for them too! 

A sparkly little lightbulb dinged in my head...I had always wanted to share my affinity for beautiful, hand-made, personalized paper making Lovely Paper Things for wonderful brides & grooms just happened to be the perfect combination of all the things I love! Helping couples share & celebrate their love, make lovely paper things people will hold close to their hearts & always giggle with happiness & delight is what I strive to do for each couple I work with! 

So, if you are looking for pretty paper goodies + the perfect custom branded wedding experience that will make your heart oh so happy, well sweet darling, I do believe you've found it! Yippie!

Fun Facts

Favorite Non Paper Activities: Playing any fun outside sport with my Sugar, baking sweet treats and enjoying the peaceful relaxation yoga brings!

Favorite Snacks: Hummus with Cucumbers, Chocolate Chip Cookies & anything made from my families cookbook!

Drinks of Choice: Milk, Stout Beers, Margaritas and Gin + Mint + Lime + Elderflower liquor.

I absolutely adore baking sweet goodies!

I am a football nut.

I love paddle board yoga.

I’m allergic to soy.

Daisy’s are my favorite flower, because they are simple and perfect.

Sunshine makes my soul happy 

Since I was four years old I've wanted a Great Dane...yes a small pony.