Photo by the amazingly talented Jen Wojcik 

Well hello there gorgeous! My name is Caroline Curtin McGah, and I'm the creator of Lovely Paper Things, a boutique hooray & yay studio located in Orange County, California! 

I'm a graphic designer & painter by trade, & love illustrating, hand-lettering & creating anything lovely on paper. I loved designing & planning my & my husband's 1920's vintage-inspired meets modern chic wedding so much, especially our letterpressed wedding system. To my delight, couples started coming to me asking if I could create custom wedding branding systems for them too! 

A sparkly little lightbulb dinged in my head...I had always wanted to share my affinity for beautiful, hand-made, personalized paper making custom Lovely Paper Things for wonderful brides & grooms just happened to be the perfect combination of all the things I love! Insert lots of frolicking, hoorays & YAYs and jumping for joy!   

I delight in helping each couple I work with share & celebrate their love by creating unique wedding branding experiences, making Lovely Paper Things they will hold close to their hearts & always helping create giggles, happiness & delight.

Wedding branding is more than lovely invitations - you want to express your love in preparation, celebration & happily ever after your wedding day! Hooray! We will work together to create a marvelous identity, just for you two, that will tie together all of the lovely little details of your big day. This identity, or brand will uniquely & cohesively share your love story with your family & friends, with a sweet yay & hooray & a happy place in all of your hearts! 

So, if you are looking for lovely paper goodies and the perfect custom branded wedding experience that will make your heart oh so happy, well sweet darling, I do believe you've found it! Yippie! 

Lovely Paper Things
is the only Boutique Hooray & Yay Studio
that celebrates unique love stories & super fun days by creating custom branded design experiences for weddings, events
& parties!  


Graduated from The University of Kansas with a
• Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication (Graphic Design)
• Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting
• Minor in Art History

Graduated from the AIGA + Yale School of Management
Business Perspectives for Creative Leaders Program